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Here at E and S Gott, we take great care to restore furniture in a simpathetic manor so retaining the patena built up over the years, occasionally a surface becomes so damaged then the only option is to fully repolish, but even then we create a look befitting the furniture.

We replace inlays and veneers, carve missing details and can cut marquetry to replace what is missing. No matter how poor the condition may be we can restore it.

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...and throughout the UK

From repairing broken chair legs to the total restoration of furniture, we can provide you with a professional furniture restoration service. We can also help by repolishing table tops and pianos.

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We are always happy to show you some of our previous antique restoration projects as well as discuss how best we can help you. For more information or to book a consultation, please contact us today. You are most welcome to visit our shoroom here in Sawdon.

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